Hannah Runge, 1st Dan and Thor Guess, 2nd Dan

S.W.A.T Team

(Students Working At Teaching)

Black Belt Hannah Runge, 1st Dan

Junior Instructor Thor Guess, 2nd dan

Senior Master George Kapterian

Senior Master George Kapterian, 5th dan

began practicing in the Korean Martial Art of Tang Soo Do in the Spring of 1990 under the instruction of Grand Master Chong Su Kim. Senior Master Kapterian achieved the rank of 5th danin the spring of 2013 and has received the Pan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation 2008 Best Instructor Award. In February 2009 Master Kapterian re-opened Kim's Karate Shrewsbury with the direct support of Grand Master Chong Su Kim. 

Deputy Master Amber Joseph, 3nd dan

Deputy Master Taylor Kapterian, 3nd dan


The Federation was founded by Grand Master Chong Su Kim in 1986 in York, Pennsylvania. While Grand Master Kim travelled all over the world promoting Tang Soo Do, he pondered the meaning on Tang Soo Do, the purpose of Tang Soo Do. He decided to create the new Pan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation for unity, All the members of this Federation will be treated equally, with respect, honesty, loyalty, and courtesy. The most important part of our Federation is that all will receive direct guidance form Grand Master Chong Su Kim. No matter what question you might have, Grand Master Kim and the Federation are here to help you and to promote the one of a kind Pan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation.

THe Pan-am Tang Soo Do Federation