The following list reveals some of the many accomplishments that demonstrate Grandmaster Chong Su Kim's never ending pursuit of perfection: -Founder and President of the Pan-Am T.S.D. Federation. -Former Undefeated all Asian Bantam Weight Champion (1968). -1981 Master Kim "the show stopper" -York Dispatch.
-1982 "Remarkable Man, Kim Chong Su!" - T.K.D. Times. -1983 "He makes breaking boards his business" by Daily News. -1985 First Korean master to train and exchange skills at Shaolin temple.
-1986 "He is a martial artist who really uses his head" - PM Magazine.
-1987 "Master Kim, besides being a mentor he is an excellent businessperson" -MDA -1989 President of Korean Association of York,PA.
-1991 "He's keeping the tradition in Tang Soo Do" -Cover of T.K.D.Times.
-1994 Korea Tour.
-1994 "Tang Soo Do traditional Korean martial art" -DoJang Magazine.
-1995 Cover of Combat Magazine - England.
​-1997 Martial Arts Gallery of Fame with movie star Cynthia Rothrock and Eric Lee 1998 The Nite with Stars at CBS with movie stars Chuck Norris , Steven Segal, Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Ernie Reyes Jr. and Sr. Outstanding service award for Helping Hand.
-2001 Central PA Korean Assoc. Vice President.
-2001 with Arnold Schwarzenegger at Battle of Columbus, OH.
-2005 Recieved Award recognition for the Keystone State Martial Art Hall of Fame.
-2006 Received special congressional recognition of outstanding and invaluable service to the community.
-2007 W.U.M.A. - World United Martial Arts Alliance Honorable advisor.
-2008 TAEKWONDO Times Special Press Correspondent and Photographer.
-2009 Rhingo USA Grandmaster of the year.
-2009 Member of U.S. Grandmasters Society Hall Of Fame.
-2009 received special congressional recognition from Honorable Tood Platts -2009 Martial Arts World Magazine Hall of Fame.
-2010 Tae Kwon Do Times Hall Of Fame Grandmaster Of The Year.
​-2011 United States Martial Arts Hall Of Fame.
-2011 Living Legends Of The Martial Arts -Grandmaster Kim Board of Directors.
-2011 "Grandmaster of the Year" Tang Soo Do Living Legends.
​-2011 World Martial Art Masters Association Hall Of Fame.
Grandmaster Chong Su Kim was born in Song Tan, Korea, and immigrated to the US in 1977 when he made York, PA, his second home. He received his US citizenship in 1982 and is now becoming widely recognized as a dedicated and strong community-minded citizen. 
Grandmaster Chong Su Kim has traveled all over the world in order to help needy people and promote the benefits of Tang Soo Do for everyone. ​He appeared on the cover of Tae Kwon Do Times in 1991, in Dojang Magazine in 1994, and the cover of Combat Magazine (U.K.) in 1995.In 1997 he was in the Martial Arts Gallery of Fame with movie star Cynthia Rothrock and Eric Lee, and in 1998 appeared on The Nite with The Stars at CBS with Chuck Norris, Steven Segal, Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Ernie Reyes Jr. and Sr., In 1991 he was with Arnold Schwarzenegger at Battle of Columbus, in Ohio.
Grandmaster Kim is also very civic-minded. He was the President of the Korean Association of York, PA in 1999 and Vice-President of the Central PA Korean Association in 2001. He has helped organizations raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, in the past years. Grand Master Kim's organization has raised tens of thousands of dollars for worthy charities. ​Internationally well known and respected as a champion, talented teacher, and a deep philosopher, Grandmaster Chong Su Kim is an incarnation of Martial Arts excellence.

Grand Master Chong Su Kim