Adult Class

Ages 13 and Up

Adults find that martial arts training allows them to advance at their own pace, handle daily stress, and feel years younger.

Everyone sets his or her own personal goals of achievement in order to become a well developed, graceful and fulfilled individual.

Childrens Class

​Ages 8-12

Children develop concentration and confidence, which helps them in school. Teens experience a sense of pride in themselves to stand up for what is right, even when faced with conflicting moral values, temptations and peer pressure.

Along with the mental strengths provided by training in Tang Soo Do, your children will improve their strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Grasshopper Class

​Ages 5-7

Starting children out in this age group allows children to develop strength, endurance, flexibility, self-discipline, and respect at an early age.

Grasshopper class provides the grasshopper students the same traditional martial arts experience that both children's and adult classes have, with a fun twist. Parents and children will be able to experience the joy of discipline!

Types of Classes at Kim's Karate Shrewsbury

Class Schedule